3. April 2022

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"REVOLUTION OF OUR TIMES is not only about the battle of Hongkongers but is about a war between all freedom lovers and dictatorships of our globe."

Beim Cannes Filmfestival 2021 wurde REVOLUTION OF OUR TIMES als geheimes Special Screening gezeigt - der Film führt uns mitten in die Proteste in Hong Kong. Wir freuen uns gemeinsam mit “Stand with Hong Kong" diese Vorstellung zu ermöglichen!

"A single spark can ignite an unquenchable blaze: that’s what the citizens of Hong Kong have proved in recent years. What began as a peaceful protest grew into a bitter clash between citizens and the authorities. REVOLUTION OF OUR TIMES carefully traces how the situation escalated." (IDFA) TRAILER​​​​​​​ | INSTAGRAM

REVOLUTION OF OUR TIMES Kiwi CHOW, Hong Kong/UK 2021, 152 min, OmeU

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