Vienna Humanities Festival: A Grin Without a Cat

29. September 2018

A Grin Without a Cat (Le fond de l’air est rouge) - Screening im Rahmen des Vienna Humanities Festivals 2018.

Rot liegt in der Luft. Chris Markers filmischer Essay über Aufstieg und Fall der internationalen linken Bewegungen, den er 1977 begann und 2008 letztmals nachbearbeitete, hat in all den Jahrzehnten nichts von seiner Fulminanz und Radikalität verloren. Letzteres ist auch dem fast schon impressionistischen Zugang geschuldet, der aus historischer Distanz kraftvoller wirkt als so manches Agitprop-Kalkül der damaligen Zeit. Keine Geschichtsstunde, sondern ein assoziatives Nachdenken über geschichtliche Erinnerung.

Französisch mit englischen Untertiteln / Teil 1 um 13.30, Teil 2 um 16.30. Tickets können unter reserviert werden.

SA 29/09/18 um 13.30 Uhr: (Le fond de l’air est rouge) Ein Film von Chris Marker Teil 2, Dauer: 90 min

SA 29/09/18 um 16.30 Uhr: (Le fond de l’air est rouge) Ein Film von Chris Marker Teil 1, Dauer: 90 min

1. from Viet-Nam to the Che’s death | 2. May 1968 and all that
1. from Spring in Prague to the Common Programme of Government in France. | 2. from Chile to - to what?

Chris MARKER: "Scenes of the third World War 1967-1977. Some think the third World War will be set off by a nuclear missile. For me, that’s the way it will end. In the meantime, the figures of an intricate game are developping, a game whose de-coding will give historians of the future - if they are still around - a very hard time. A weird game. Its rules change as the match evolves. To start with, the super powers’ rivalry transforms itself not only into a Holy Alliance of the Rich against the Poor, but also into a selective coelimination of Revolutionary Vanguards, wherever bombs would endanger sources of raw materials. As well as into the manipulation of these vanguards to pursue goals that are their own. During the last ten years, some groups of forces (often more instinctive) than organised have been trying to play the game themselves - even if they knocked over the pieces. Wherever they tried, they failed. Nevertheless, it’s been their being that has the most profoundly transformed politics in our time. This film intends to show some of the steps of this transformation."